And Here's Mike With The Weather


January 23, 2006

Written by

Matt Pyken

Directed by

Steven DePaul

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Almost three million dollars have disappeared from Montecito. The gaming commission has to clear Casey's licence and the missing money becomes an issue. Despite being dead, it seems Monica still gets Montecito in troubles. A live weather report is to be aired from inside the casino, when the weatherman gets an allergic reaction, allowing Mike to take his place for one night. Danny and Mike are to find the missing millions, and the thief, no matter if the thief is dead or not.

Plot Edit

The gaming commission checks Casey to allow him a gaming license, which goes without trouble. However, as $2.98 million dollars disappeared the night Monica took over. But with her being dead, it's Ed and his security team whose heads are on the line.
Mike gets to babysit Storm Reno, a weatherman who's going to do a weather report from inside the Montecito. Unfortunately, Reno gets an allergic reaction and someone has to jump in for him. That someone becomes Mike who, in disappointment for Storm Reno's ignorance of only reading signs, decides to improvise the whole weather report, with results he wasn't prepare for.

Danny's drill sergeant visits the Montecito and gets to work there. He was shot while with the Marines and had to leave to avoid bad publicity for the military. He's quite not fit for work outside the service, so Ed starts to pull his strings.

Ed, Danny and the sergeant get into a bar fight while waiting for the videos from the gaming commission whose archives have been outsourced to India. The missing millions appear to have been stolen by Monica, though Ed is quite certain that despite being a nutcase, Monica for sure wasn't a thief. Danny and Mike find Ed's defense speech strange and eventually find footage on the videos showing a possible romance between Ed and Monica.

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

Guest Starring Edit

  • Laki Manchu as Sarasvati Kumar
  • Lara Flynn Boyle as Monica Mancso

Co-Starring Edit

  • Mark DeCalo as Storm Reno
  • Troy Blendell as Eric Vanlandingham
  • Jamie Lee Redmon as Girl Scout
  • Kennedy Heidel as Girl Scout
  • Ken Garito as Rob Giarusso
  • Dale Dye as Sergeant Burn
  • Faune A. Chambers as Producer
  • Christopher Cousins as Chairman of Gaming Comission

Trivia Edit

  • Danny's nickname when he was in the Army was "Chips O'Hoy" because Mary would always send him Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • Monica appears in some sort of flashbacks throughout the episode.

Music Edit

"All Jacked Up" by Gretchen Wilson
"Hot Server" by James Bladon
"Pretty Nice" by James Bladon

"Red Wine" by James Bladon