Casey Manning†


Las Vegas, Nevada


Ex-owner of The Montecito Resort and Casino



First Appearance

Tainted Love S2 E17

Last Appearance

Father of the Bride S4 E1

Portrayed by

Dean Cain


Samantha Jane Marquez (Ex-wife)
Vic Manning (Brother)
Mary Connell (Ex-girlfriend)

Casey Manning is Samantha Jane Marquez's ex-husband and love of her life. He has one brother Vic. Casey Manning was a millionaire when Sam first married him. His family didn't approve of the marriage. His father thought Sam was a gold digger and threatened to cut him off if he married her. He still married her, later stating that Sam didn't even know about his or his family's wealth until they were married. One night she left him and headed to Las Vegas.

His first appearance on the show was during Tainted Love. During Tainted Love Sam had "the whale of all whales" arriving at the Montecito on Valentines Day. That whale turned up to be her super rich husband. She didn't know his identity until he showed up leading her to faint. She freaked out and ran around all day trying to avoid him. At this point he was a billionaire.

Casey went on to buy the Montecito. Later, Sam and Casey got a divorce. He died from what appeared to be a boating accident, but later learned he was poisoned with botulism.

He left Sam The Montecito which owed back taxes.