All 23 episodes of Las Vegas Season Three (2005-2006)
Number Episode Title Episode Information Airdate
1 Viva Las Vegas In the third season premiere, Ed's got major problems as the revamped Montecito struggles to finish work in time to re-open on new boss' Monica Mancuso's schedule as he also tries to lure back Danny and his former staff to prevent a suspected "smash-and-grab" heist that has hit other casinos. September 19, 2005
2 Fake the Money and Run The casino has reopened. Ed and Mike work on a case of counterfeit casino chips. Per his accountant’s suggestion, Danny must sell his father’s house. Later, Danny’s accountant is part of a poker game where one of the players is a man who robs one of the casino’s guests. Monica Mancuso, the new owner, wants a dealer to be fired because he keeps dealing winning hands to the players. September 26, 2005
3 Double Down, Triple Threat Danny is with blackjack player Gabe Labrador who's wearing a wig and counting cards. The man doesn't want to stop playing and claims he must win big to pay off the men who kidnapped his daughter. Ed, Mike, Danny and a cop from Metro work on the case even though they aren't sure Gabe is telling the truth. Mary seems to still be helping Danny taking care of his dad's stuff. She is still dating Jake. October 3, 2005
4 Whatever Happened To Seymour Magoon? Sam's whale is named Trey Cooper, a handsome 30-year-old who brought his Great Dane to the casino. There are a lot of dogs around the casino as the Nevada State Dog Show is taking place. Jillian enters the Deline's dog in the competition. Monica and Danny meet with an 80-year-old woman named Dottie. Monica offers 3 million for Dottie's house in order to build a golf course. October 10, 2005
5 Big Ed De-cline After Ed's doctor warns him that his blood pressure is dangerously high, Ed becoms the victim of identity theft. Sam's half-brother visits. Mike borrows Ed's Aston Martin with unforeseen consequences. October 17, 2005
6 The Real McCoy Sam's brother is staying longer than expected because he's having an affair with Monica. Danny tracks down the woman who appears on pictures with his father. Danny begins to have an uneasy feeling about Penny and discovers a connection with his father's mystery woman. In another dispute with Monica, Ed fires Monica's new casino manager; Mary returns to the casino. October 24, 2005
7 Everything Old Is You Again Danny imagines to be back in the 60s when the Montecito was called the Jubilee. Ed becomes the new president of the casino. He makes Danny the director of entertainment and Mike the head of security. Mary is a waitress who gets a promotion. Delinda opens a dress shop. And Sam starts out as a call girl. November 7, 2005
8 Bold, Beautiful and Blue A necklace with a priceless gemstone, the Star of Kashmir, is on show at the Montecito. Monica decides that it is not to be protected by bulletproof glass, since it's too beautiful. Monica shuts down the security system to secretly try on the sapphire, but when the cameras are turned on afterwards the sapphire is gone. Danny and Mike try to find the sapphire before showtime, while Ed still doesn't want to come back. November 14, 2005
9 Mothwoman The Montecito hosts a comic book convention. Mary is checking into the Montecito for a while. Sam is after the black book of one of the world's greatest casino hosts who just died. Monica wants Danny to be less like Ed. Danny is worried about the Montecito and calls somebody behind Monica's back. November 21, 2005
10 For Sail by Owner Following Monica's sudden death Danny becomes the main suspect. Ed and Casey arrive at the Montecito for a hostile takeover, but it appears that Monica's will leaves Montecito to a foundation for the blind. Mike is assaulted in the stairway after breaking up a fight, which leaves Danny, Ed and even Mary to find out who could do something like that to Mike. Ed takes care of Monica's will, and her belongings. November 28, 2005
11 Down & Dirty A televised national poker tour comes to the Montecito. At the same time, Casey, not knowing what APAC means, lets the Porn industry host a convention at the Montecito. To make up for this bad publicity, Casey orders a commercial to be done at the Montecito with Ed as the face of the casino. December 5, 2005
12 Bait and Switch Real diamonds get stolen from the pool at Montecito when Lil' Flip is shooting a music video. Metro cannot be called in due to the jeweler's special request, and investigating gets harder. A guy plays suspiciously good at the craps table, claiming to have a gift to be able to win when he wants. Ed and Mike want to get to the bottom of his true gift. Mike appears to be a stripper with quite a package, if one is to believe the flyers that are floating around at the casino. January 2, 2006
13 The Bitch is Back Monica's old suite seems to be haunted, causing troubles with the new residents. Sam makes a bet with Paul Logan, a rival casino host - who is the best casino host/hostess. Delinda faces problem with the health inspector at Mystique, but seems wrongly treated. Meanwhile, Mary decides to take advantage of the ghost situation and starts a "Haunted Montecito Tour". January 9, 2006
14 And Here's Mike with the Weather Almost three million dollars have disappeared from Montecito. The gaming commission has to clear Casey's licence and the missing money becomes an issue. Despite being dead, it seems Monica still gets Montecito in troubles. A live weather report is to be aired from inside the casino, when the weatherman gets an allergic reaction, allowing Mike to take his place for one night. Danny and Mike are to find the missing millions, and the thief, no matter if the thief is dead or not. January 23, 2006
15 Urban Legends An urban legend becomes true when Danny finds a guest in an ice filled bathtub missing a kidney. To avoid bad press the lawyers want to pay him for his silence, but Danny and Mike has other plans and starts to investigate a possible scam. Ed helps Sam treat a whale who suffers from really sweaty hands and is starting to scare the other guests away. Jimmie Johnson comes over to the Montecito to be the final judge of a car convention, in which Delinda is participating. February 6, 2006
16 Coyote Ugly Monica's friend Norma finds a finger in the Montecito's buffet bounty. She doesn't want to sue, but she does want Danny. Meanwhile, Ed and Danny investigate the appearance of the digit; and Sam runs afoul of a tough customer. March 3, 2006
17 Lyle & Substance A chip thief who was caught by Mike and Danny claims that he met somebody who wants to blow up the Montecito. Wolfgang Puck and Gunther are having a cook-off. Sam hears about a masseur at the Montecito who offers "special treatments". March 10, 2006
18 Like a Virgin Mary is planning an expensive wedding for one of Sam's biggest clients. Mike and Danny investigate card counters. Mike tries to hook up with a sexy hotel customer, in town for the Born-Again Virgins convention March 17, 2006
19 Cash Springs Eternal Danny and Mike probe serial robberies in the casino's residential suites and also find time to serve as models for a charity calendar. Meanwhile, Jillian is alarmed when she discovers her marriage to Ed may have adversely affected Delinda. Mary deals with a hard to please European. March 31, 2006
20 All Quiet on the Montecito Front Romance begins to bloom between Danny and Delinda, to their utmost surprise. But keeping the relationship tight-lipped proves difficult, particularly when Jillian flies in Delinda's old college flame. Meanwhile, Casey organizes a paintball retreat for the department heads.

April 7, 2006

21 Chaos Theory Ed and Jillian go to a spa. Danny and Mike are suspicious about one of Sam's whales. Derick and Delinda are getting serious. April 28, 2006
22 Fidelity, Security, Delivery Excitement's in the air at the Montecito when Olympic athlete Sasha Cohen stops by. Delinda gives Derick an answer to his marriage proposal. A couple big gamblers enlist Danny and Mike to investigate whether their spouses are cheating. Sam and Woody take off for a romantic weekend. May 5, 2006
23 Father of the Bride In the final episode of the series' third season, old romantic feelings resurface as Delinda prepares to get married. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are being planned. Meanwhile, Ed's CIA past comes back to haunt him. May 12, 2006