Like a Virgin


March 17, 2006

Written by

Vanessa Reisen

Directed by

Mel Damski

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Mary is planning an expensive wedding for one of Sam's biggest clients. Mike and Danny investigate card counters. Mike tries to hook up with a sexy hotel customer, in town for the Born-Again Virgins convention

Plot Edit

Delinda sets up karaoke at Mystique. Mike and Danny sing together but Mike gets all the women, so when bragging about getting any woman he wants, Delinda finds one whom she believes never will fall for Mike, due to what she told Delinda earlier. Mike however, not knowing that, takes on the challenge. One of Sam's whales is going to marry at the Montecito, and Mary has to throw an extremely big and expensive wedding. But when the bride's $100.000 dress is stolen, they have to find it before the deadline, otherwise the wedding is off - and the whale will refuse to pay for the costs.

A waitress at Mystique has trouble doing her work, after falling and spilling drinks several times over the guests. Delinda finds out she has been singing karaoke while working, and she only has one chance left before Delinda can't take it anymore and has to fire her.Ed discovers a card counter, so Mike and Danny have to find out how he manages to do that when he just arrives at the table. Some floor work reveals a team of three cardcounters. Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as it sounds, when another group of three cardcounters appears at the casino just a few hours later. Ed and Danny put a lot of effort into finding who's behind the cardcounters.

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

Guest Starring Edit

  • Mitch Longley as Mitch

Co-Starring Edit

  • Brian Jones as Bolo Tie
  • Kathleen Gati as Galina
  • Leila Arcieri as Ava
  • Ewan Chung as Ruben Kim
  • Sabine Singh as Lissy
  • Tamyra Gray as Patty
  • Robert Mailhouse as Jared Lipworth
  • Seth Menachem as Nick Sperreos
  • Adam Lieberman as Vic

Music Edit

"Born Again" by James Bladon

"Cherry Pop" by Kamilah Barrett